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4/6/2017 Missy Interviewed By Baltimore Media Blog: http://baltimoremediablog.com/2017/03/qa-missy-grynkiewi

3/28/2017 Days Of Power Released in February 2017: Showing In Select Theaters Now

Missy plays Patti in the feature film, Days of Power, which is being shown in select theaters now.  Missy and other cast members are attending many of the screenings to speak with audiences, so check 

3/28/2017 Missy To Fill In As Warm Up Act For Harry Connick, Jr. Show

Missy will be warming up the studio audiences at CBS Studios in New York for The Harry Connick, Jr. Show this month.

1/4/2017 Missy Grynkiewicz Comedy Cast Interview

Missy Grykiewicz was recently interviewed the Comedy Cast Podcast. Missy is currently touring select dates on the East Coast and is featured in the film Days of Power slated for limited theatrical release on February 10th 2017. You can hear the interview on the Comedy Cast Website at this link  

6/4/2016 Missy Featured In Delaware Today Magazine

The June Issue Of Delaware Today features Missy In their 30 Seconds Spot. section  Missy answers questions from how she got her start ,to being cast in a feature film  to how she prepares for a show. The magazine is on stands now or you can check out the article online at Delaware Today Article. 

9/11/2015 TruTV Picks Up New TV Show The Drivers Seat Featuring Missy Grynkiewicz

TruTV Picks Up New TV Show The Drivers Seat Featuring Missy Grynkiewicz. As truTV prepares to join its sister brands for Turner Upfront 2015, the network is building on the momentum of its recent brand refresh with several major original programming moves. truTV has greenlit the Driver's Seat (working title), a show that literally hits the road to discover what people really dish about in the privacy of their own cars. Missy and and her family appear in the series debut episode. Stay tuned for fall release dates. You can watch a preview here https://pressroom.turner.com/us/trutv/drivers-seat/video-drivers-seat

12/15/2014 "Thinking Inside My Box" Things Not To Ask Parents About Parenting In Stores Now

The comedy book "Thinking Inside My Box" Things Not To Ask Parents About Parenting co-written by Missy Grynkiewicz and Richard Keller is now available. Parenting is hard. Ask Missy Grynkiewicz and Richard Keller. Combined, these two authors and
performers have ... well, they have a lot of children. And they're pains in the ... Okay, maybe not so much pains as they are challenges to Missy’s and Richard’s sanity and continuous urge to sit on the couch without any pants.

In Thinking Inside My Box: things not to ask parents about parenting, Missy and Richard delve into the routines of offspring which make some folks curl up into fetal balls of sorrow. Essays include items on Christmas, television, the dreaded talk back, the Bill of Rights according to teenagers, sand in womanly areas, pregnancy, fast food, and utter embarrassment. You'll definitely laugh about the absurdities of child rearing, you're certain to exclaim at the similarities, and you'll relate so closely that you'll think they're talking about your progeny.

For more information on Missy, tours and upcoming releases follow her on twitter at www.twitter.com/missyishere and on Facebook here

10/6/2014 Missy Wraps A Feature Film As Plans To Release A New CD And Book in 2014 Are Announced

Missy Grynkiewicz is set to release a new comedy CD and book in 2014. The Comedienne/Writer/Actress/Singer recently wrapped on the feature film, "Days of Power" and has been touring comedy clubs up and down the East Coast while finishing up her first book, "Thinking Outside My Box". The book is set to be released later this year. Release dates for both the CD and Book will be announced shortly. Keep checking back on her website for details. 

4/5/2014 Comediennes Janice Kamalski & Missy Grynkiewicz Join Together To Raise Money For Cancer.

Realize Records' comediennes Janice Kamalski and Missy Grynkiewicz will be performing at The Everett Theatre in a effort to raise funds for the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance. The Comedy Chicks for a Cause show will also feature special guests, a cash bar, a raffle and be the source of their new live stand up CD's. The event will take place on April 27th at 6:00PM.

Both Grynkiewicz and Kamalski reside in Delaware and each have had success in clubs and on radio. Missy most recently has joined the ranks of such successful comedians such as Weird Al Yankovic by parodying hits from Pink and Karmin to acting in a upcoming feature film and documentary while simultaneously touring up and down the east coast in stand up clubs. Missy stated, "I'm so excited to do a show in my home town in a venue I won't have to argue with Siri to find or figure out potty stops along the way. There's nothing quite like sharing laughs with people you also grocery shop with, work with, and get tangled up in local traffic circles with. I'm also pleased to be involved in a wonderful cause. If I can share some funnies and do some good at the same time, I consider that a really happy thing!" Kamalski has been on a self imposed hiatus while planning her return to touring.  The show marks Kamalski's return to the stage and first recording since the highly successful 2010 "I'm Not Playin'" which remains in regular rotation on Sirius/XM's Blue Collar Channel. "I've spent my hiatus writing new material and eating a lot of cupcakes. Ok, really just the cupcakes but I am excited to get back on the stage." says Janice.

The show will raise money for the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance. The organization is a patient-led, umbrella organization uniting ovarian cancer activists, women’s health advocates and health care professionals in the effort to increase public and professional understanding of ovarian cancer and to advocate for more effective diagnostics, treatments and a cure. Key activities include an annual national conference, a public education program targeted to women and primary care physicians, and training programs to help survivors become effective advocates and spokespeople for the disease. "We believe laughter and community is an important part of the recovery process and are excited about the opportunity to raise money and awareness for such a great organization and cause." says label CEO Michel Grey.

Ticket are currently on sale for the April 27th show. The Everett Theatre is at 45 W. Main Street Middletown, DE 19709. Tickets can be purchased by visiting www.realizerecords.com or directly online at ticketleap at http://realizerecords.ticketleap.com/comedychicks/ Tickets may also be purchased by contacting Rachel Francica via phone at 302.507.7417 or via email at rachel@realizerecords.com. To find out more about Janice Kamalski and the upcoming CD you can visit www.janicekamalski.com. For tour dates,  information on new music and stand up from Missy visit www.missygrynkiewicz.com. For information on Realize Records you can visit www.realizerecords.com.

3/27/2014 New Single Released, A Parody of Pink's Hit "Glitter"

The new single released today, a parody of Pink's Hit "Glitter" is the latest in a series of parodies from Comedienne/Actress Missy Grynkiewicz. The song heralds the trials and tribulations of the human "connection" and carries the explicit warning sticker is now available for download exclusively on Itunes and Amazon.

3/21/2014 Missy Grynkiewicz's Latest Single Parodies Pink's Hit "Glitter"

Missy Grynkiewicz's Latest Single Parodies Pink's Hit "Glitter". The song is one of a series that will be released as singles leading up to her full recording. The single is set to drop on March 25th 2014 and will be exclusively available on Itunes and Amazon.

12/3/2013 Comedienne/Singer Missy Grynkiewicz New Single Released Today

The new single from Comedienne/Singer Missy Grynkiewicz was released today. The single titled, "Look At My House" Is a parody of the Karmin Cover of Chris Brown's "Look At Me Now". A music video spoofing the Karmin video was also released today via Missy's Official Youtube Channel featuring Missy and producer Paul Lewis. The single is currently available for download on Itunes and Amazon.

11/25/2013 New Single Release Date Announced From Comedienne/Singer/Actress Missy Grynkiewicz

"Look at My House"  will be the first single off of the upcoming sophomore CD from Comedienne/Singer/Actress Missy Grynkiewicz. The single is slated for release on December 3rd 2013. The song, a parody of the Karmin youtube sensation, also features singer/producer Paul Lewis on vocals. Missy has been performing in clubs up and down the East Coast testing material for her new CD. The song is the first in a series of parodies that will debut in 2014. Missy says,"This song shows what too much coffee, a messy house and time with teenagers can do to a woman on the edge." For more information and to get updates on Missy's appearances and releases follow her on Twitter or Like her on Facebook.

5/31/2013 Missy Grynkiewicz Now Featured on Pandora Radio

You can now create your own Missy Grynkiewicz Channel on Pandora Radio. You can listen to tracks from her latest CD "Miss Representation". Visit the site at www.pandora.com

4/17/2013 Missy Grynkiewicz Releases New Behind The Scenes Video

New behind the scenes excerpt from Missy's upcoming webisode series, featured now on her official youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hze_oCg6G9w

2/28/2013 Missy Grynkiewicz Set To Star In New Production Of Into The Woods

Missy is in her final rehearsals for her latest production of Into the Woods which opens Friday March 1 at 8:00PM EST. The musical feautures music and lyrics from Stephen Sondheim and originally premiered on Broadway in 1987. Missy plays the part of the Witch originally made famous by Bernadette Peters. Tickets are on sale now at https://www.pcade.com/Tickets.htm or can be purchased at the door. Tixs are $18.00. Shows are March 1st, 2nd, 8th, 9th, 15th, 16th at 8:00PM EST.

1/28/2013 Tickets on Sale Now For February 15th Performance at PCA

Tickets are now available for purchase for Missy's next show at Premier Centre for the Arts. The show will be recording for the new webisode series set to launch in early spring 2013. https://www.pcade.com/Tickets.htm

12/12/2012 Last Weekend to Catch Missy In Everett Theatre's Production of Oliver

Last Weekend to Catch Missy In Everett Theatre's Production of Oliver. Missy is a Featured Cast Member in the Production. Performances are December 14th & 15th at 8:00PM and December 16th at 2:00PM. Tickets are on sale now at http://www.everetttheatre.com/EverettTheatre_pages/Events_shows/Main_stage.html

10/19/2012 Missy Makes Grammy Entry List For Best Comedy Album With Miss Representation

Missy's Debut CD "Miss Representation" made the Grammy entry list for this years awards. Comedians on the entry list include Kathy Griffin, Lewis Black and Jim Gaffigan. Currently Missy is preparing for her upcoming 2013 tour.

9/25/2012 Filming Starts On New Missy Webisode Series

Filming starts on the new Missy webisode series, The show will exclusively premiere on Missy's YouTube channel. The show will feature Missy, her family and pets. The series debut is slated for late fall of 2012.

8/21/2012 CD Release Event Almost Sold Out!

Friday August 24th Missy will be performing tracks from her debut CD. Miss Representation. The CD is scheduled to hit Itunes and stores on August 28th. Only a few Tickets remain for the performance. The CD features her version of the truth about what we think of sex, being pregnant, teaching kids as well as a new spin on the absurdities that can occur while going to the zoo, hospital, or scuba diving. Producer Paul Lewis says of the CD, "This is seriously laugh-out-loud funny!  She hits such a variety of topics but didn't miss a beat on any of them. Beware if you are easily offended. Missy is a no holds barred type of comedienne." To purchase tickets visit Premier Centre for the Arts or online at https://www.pcade.com/Tickets.htm. The show begins at 8PM. For additional information contact info@realizerecords.com

8/13/2012 Download Free Track From Miss Representation

For a limited time you can download the track "Teacher" for free from Missy's website. Please Note the Track does contain explicit material.  The CD will be available on Itunes on August 28th and at the CD Release event shcedule on August 24th. Ticket are on Sale now for the event at the theatre's website http://www.pcade.com/Tickets.htm

7/27/2012 Missy Grynkiewicz's New Cd Scheduled For Release in August

The New CD titled, "Miss Representation" by Comedian/Singer Missy Grynkiewicz is scheduled for release on August 28th 2012. A CD release event has been confirmed for August 24th at Premier Centre for the Arts. A track from the CD will be available for free on her website in the next few days. Stay tuned for more info.

5/29/2012 Just Announced Missy To Play Paulette in Legally Blonde Musical

Missy has been cast as the divorced manicurist Paulette in the musical version of Legally Blonde. Shows are scheduled to begin on August 3rd. Keep checking back more info coming soon.

3/27/2012 Triple Threat Comedian Missy Grynkiewicz Signs 360 Recording Deal

Realize Records announced today that they have signed a deal with singer/actress/comedian Missy Grynkiewicz to release her debut comedic CD titled “Miss Representation”. The CD was recorded in front of a live audience in late 2011. The CD release date is still being decided. Missy says, “Having a label come to you and say "We want to put your name with ours" is a pretty remarkable thing, especially the name "Grynkiewicz".  That's hard enough to want to learn to SAY, much less want to full on SPELL on your record label! I can think of no greater compliment, no greater way of realizing that others - talented, experienced others that make records and stuff- think that maybe I've got something to say that others may want to hear, and that is both inspiring and humbling. 


Grynkiewicz, a regular in the musical theatre scene, has performed in a variety of roles ranging from Vi Moore in Footloose to Mrs. Hannigan in Annie to Magenta in Rocky Horror Picture Show. After receiving rave reviews for her performance as Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd, Grynkiewicz approached some people she had developed relationships with from within the industry with the idea of adding stand up to her resume.  The meetings lead to a slot opening for a Realize Records comedienne, which lead to the signing. “After seeing Missy perform, we knew we could make a great comedy recording with her. She said things that we all think but no one says and it was all effortless. We are really excited for the CD’s release later this year.” States label CEO Michel Grey.

The CD is being produced by Paul Lewis producer of the hit comedy CD, “I’m not Playin” by Sirius Radio regular Janice Kamalski. Missy is currently scheduled to perform March 31st at Premier Centre for the Arts at 10:00PM. You can find out more about Missy and the upcoming CD by visiting her website www.missygrynkiewicz.com or by visiting her page on www.realizerecords.com

1/6/2012 Missy Featured In The Middletown Transcript

After a sold out show Missy returns to the Premier Center for the Arts for a new performance and dishes with the Middletown Transcript about her new role as a comedian.

Read the full article here: Comedian-Missy-Grynkiewicz-returns-to-Premier-Centre-for-the-Arts